The Bitterroot Conglomerate February 2018                                                                                    Volume XXXV Issue 2

Mission Statement
Our purpose is to promote interest and education in earth sciences namely geology, mineralogy, pale-ontology, the lapidary arts and related subjects. We also support promoting and ensuring the right of amateur hobby collecting, recreational rock hunting and the use of public and private lands for educational and recreational purposes related to the earth sciences.

Presidents Column

Welcome members to this bright new year of our Bitterroot Gem and Mineral Society. I have a vision of our club becoming an educational hub for members and guests alike. I shared my petrified amber with the club and showed the members what I knew. It wasn't much but it was something. I know that every member has something they can share as a program to the entire group. Doing this will keep the information flowing to others, not only in our own club but in our community. This will in turn create an interest, which will in turn create ideas. Sharing your personal knowledge to the group will also inspire our younger members and the club will continue to flourish. I'm not trying to make our club larger, rather, to have every member gain the knowledge, experience, and enjoyment that our sharing has to offer. I thank each and every member for their input and ideas.

Respectfully submitted, Faith Farley
BGMS President

BGMS Meeting January 13, 2018

Meeting Opened at @ 2pm with the Pledge of Allegiance.
Oath of Office of VP administered to Pam Chulick by Darrell Coyle.
No previous Meeting Minutes approved as December was Holiday Rock-Luck and Auction.

Guests: Ed Rogers, Sherry Wood, David Gary

Treasurers Report given by Wayne and announced that the proceeds from December Auction were donated and shared to three local food banks. He announced that the Federation Newsletter is now available to view online. Motion to accept Treasurers report by Kathy Meuchel; 2nd by Darrell Coyle and approved by all.

Junior Program: Faith noted that the juniors/kids program starts a half hour before our meeting and asked that we give his group respect and consideration so they may be able to concentrate on their own program without interruptions.

Church Key duplicate still needed for Faith from Ed Kubu, which Ed will have done.
Briefcase purchased for the President.
Club still needs it's own Projector: Discussion. Ed Kubu will communicate with Darrell Coyle. Darrell will handle project.
Jason Frison visited Stevensville Museum which is now opened only 3 days. BGMS case to be moved to Hamilton College. Jason will handle details. Ed volunteered to help Jason.
Ed Kubu still has a few name tags to distribute.
Faith announced the open office positions

Faith is looking forward to varied new educational programs for this year, which is the main purpose of our organization.
Pat Tibbs volunteered to be Scholarship Chairperson which is of $500 for one student.
Program Chair needed for educational series. Faith explained what it would entail and offered ideas such as:  DVDs are available from the Federation Library, the Program Chair could access for free for our meetings. 
Wayne Farley offered his DVD collection for viewing also.
Faith will present another program for Amber Polishing (date to be determined)
Mr. Klieger will be back this summer to do another presentation (date to be determined)
Historian Chair needed. This rewarding, volunteer position keeps our minutes, newsletters, show info etc. Just a few minutes a month is all it would take. Discussion ensued regarding hardcopy/digital. Opted to keep all hard copies.
Field Trips: Chair needed (Ed Kubu will help new person with guidelines etc.)
Darrell Coyle volunteered to coordinate the Crystal Park and Eldorado Mine Trips.
Darrell will be liaison with Dr. Trexler for the 2 Medicine Dino Dig. Discussion ensued and tabled for another meeting.
Cindy Shaffer volunteered to help with a couple of field trips to be determined.
Jason Frison volunteered to coordinate the SnowBird Overnight trip at Yellowstone. Details at future meeting.


BGMS received an invitation to participate in the MT Outdoor Expo held in Missoula, June 16&17. Motion to participate made by Deb Strickland, 2nd by Ed Kubu. Vote Passed. Faith will gather more info for next meeting.

Faith discussed swapping Rocks for Rocks with other clubs from different states. AZ club requested swapping some of our MT gem and minerals for a box of theirs. Discussion, motion to accept by Wayne Farley; 2nd Kathy Meuchel; vote passed.

BGMS Show Committee report by Deb Strickland:  Our Show is May 19 – May 20 at Ravalli Country Fair Grounds in Hamilton, MT. More Volunteers are need to help. Please contact Deb Strickland. Full Report will be given at next meeting.

Kids Club: Ed Kubu presented the idea of the kids earning “Currency” for future auctions. Discussion, with motion to accept by Dar Williams; 2nd by Deb Strickland, vote passed.

Wayne Farley announced that he is a retired Geophysical Engineer, volunteering to help identify your finds at the meetings. He also had Obsidian on display at the meeting.

50/50 Drawing was won by Pete Myers

Meeting adjourned and turkey soup and coffee were enjoyed by all. Specials thanks to our Chef Faith Farley and Sharlene Farley.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Dar Williams, Secretary; with a special thanks to Faith for editing & Darrell Coyle for hours of computer Assistance.

Committee Reports:
None received

Program Committee:

Need more volunteers to present a short program at our meetings. 
Field Trip Committee:
There are currently no trips planned for the winter season.

​Scholarship Committee:

​Pat Tibbs

Show Committee:

Nothing to report.
No Report at this time.

Council & Federation Reports:
No report at this time.

N.W. Federation Report 
Look in your Federation newsletter for Shows in the Northwest that you might want to attend.

    Bitterroot Gem & Mineral Society